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The Burn Machine | Asymmetrical Barbell System

The Asymmetrical Barbell System by The Burn Machine™

The Asymmetrical Barbell System, by The Burn Machine, is a revolutionary new line of exercise equipment designed to increase cardio and muscular endurance, build core strength, improve range of motion and flexibility, and burn calories, all while building lean muscle.
The Burn Machine’s patented Asymmetrical “Burn” Counterweight combines conventional weightlifting with the benefits of a movable, shifting weight. The units also feature ergonomically designed, 360-degree rotating grips, which provide greater versatility, comfort and control.

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The units that make up the Asymmetrical Barbell System have often been referred to as “functional art.” This is not exercise equipment you’ll want to hide under your bed. With its polished chrome and attractive curves, these pieces look great whether they’re part of a home gym or on display on your desk, ready for use anytime of the day.

Burn Machine™ Models:

The machines of the Asymmetrical Barbell System fall into two primary categories: the Asymmetrical Units—or Asymmetrical Barbells—and the Speed Bags.

Each of the Burn Machine Asymmetrical Barbells features a patented sliding counterweight that engages core muscles, and 360-degree rotating grips that allow you to isolate muscle groups more effectively and safely than conventional barbells.

The Speed Bag packs the punch of an entire cardio and strength-training workout into one compact “go anywhere” unit that burns calories and helps to “uncover” muscle definition. It’s available in a variety of weights to accommodate any fitness level.

Speed Bags | Asymmetrical Barbells

How The Burn Machine™ Works

The simplest movements of our daily lives are performed asymmetrically. Whether reaching up into a cupboard, or bending down to pick up a child, our movements are asymmetrical. For the body to be able to perform these functional day-to-day movements without risk of injury or fatigue, it relies primarily on core strength.

Asymmetrical resistance helps build that vital core strength.

When working out asymmetrically, the body naturally engages core muscles by creating stabilizing muscle contractions necessary to offset the imbalance in its form.
The Burn Machine’s patented Asymmetrical Counterweight applies this principle of asymmetrical strength training.

When the counterweight is centered, the barbell functions the same as a conventional barbell—all the weight is evenly distributed. But by simply sliding the counterweight to one side, the resistance in weight is offset, thus provoking an asymmetrical imbalance to occur. As you’re concentrating on working your major muscle groups, gravity is pulling you harder on one side of your body and forcing the abdominal muscles in the opposite side of your body to engage and contract.

This process strengthens the body’s core and increases its stabilization abilities—helping us walk straighter, run faster, workout more efficiently and makes it possible for us to perform life’s daily tasks.

Sample Exercises:

The best way to learn about how the Burn Machine™ can help you achieve you health goals is to see it in action. Here are a wide range of exercises that can be done on the Burn Machine™ products. Although there are well over 50 different exercises demonstrated in these videos, it is by no means complete. Please review our Videos & Testimonials section to see how our satisfied customers are making use of the Burn Machine™ to improve their physical fitness.

Sample Exercises Using the Speed Bag Burn Machine™

Sample Exercises Using the Cross Trainer Burn Machine™

Sample Exercises Using the Ultimate Burn Machine™

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